Helloween - Power

intro :
Em D 3x
Em-F#-G-C  C-B-G-A  Em-F#-G-Bm  Bm-C-Bm-A-G
Em-F#-G-C  C-D-Em-D  C-Bm-A-G  F#-G-F#-A-Bm

     Em                                   C
Can you imagine someone being true
    D                                             G
Turn `round and put himself in front of you
   Em                                               C
Sometimes it's fun but then you never know
        D                               Bm
How far a thing like this might go

Em                 C              D
All my life I've waited for a chance
                G F#   
To get right out of here
              Em               Am
And when I had it in my hands
  D                 Bm 
I could not let it go


              C                          Am 
We've got the power, we are divine
            Bm                          G  
We have the guts to follow the sign
              C                         C-D    Em-D
Extracting tension from sources unknown
C  Bm  A   G     F#-G-F#  A   Bm
We are the ones to cover the throne

    Em                                               C
Try if you can to come where we have gone
         D                                              G
You may achieve what can't be simply done
   Em                                                      C
Look back and there you are where we have been
     D                                  Bm
And still there's so much inbetween

Em                        C                          D
All those years I've travelled `round this world
                     G - F#
Now I am standing here
    Em                         A
To make you sing these tunes
          D                         Bm
And know they'll never let you go

Helloween - Power

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